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.com vs .net differences in domain extensions

.com vs .net differences in domain extensions

Which is Preferred – .com vs .net?

The .com and .net domain extensions are well-known, but which one is the best for your needs? You’ve probably seen both and you may have even owned both at some time. Understanding the difference, can help you in many ways.

Search Engine Optimization

If you plan to use SEO as your main or one of your main marketing strategies, it won’t matter which domain name extension you choose. Both the .com and the .net will perform very well. Many experts have seen high ranking with both extensions.

What do .com and .net Represent?

When the .net domain extension was first created, it was used for networks and associations. However, today, it’s used for all types of websites. Many businesses own both the .com and the .net extensions to ensure nobody else buys it.

What does .com Represent?

Originally, .com was meant to represent commercial or business website. This is by far the most popular and the most recognizable of the domain name extensions. The .com domain extension is the best choice for offline advertisement, too.

Should You Use a .net for your Primary Business Domain?

If you follow the theories of the many experts, using the .net for your primary business domain isn’t a good idea. However, if you run into the issue of the .com not being available, the .net may provide a second choice. Just make sure the owner of the .com doesn’t have a trademark on the name you’re after.

Whenever possible, you want to use the .com for your primary domain, especially with a business. Since the .com is the default domain extension for most people, it provides many benefits you don’t get from a .net domain name.

A .net May Cost You Customers

Businesses need a .com domain name because any other extension could cost your business money. The example above is just one type of way a .net domain extension can cost you money. Whenever possible, the .com is the best choice.

When Does a .net Work?

Even though you should always choose domain name, whenever it’s available, there are times when a .net will work. If you’re not trying to profit from the website at all or it will only be shared with a small group of people, a .net will do the trick. There’s nothing wrong with using a .net for your blog or personal website. It will actually work quite well.

Businesses should default to the .com whenever possible. However, if the .com isn’t available and you plan to do most of your marketing online, a .net domain name will work just fine. Another situation to choose the .net is when Google and other search engines have blacklisted the .com domain name.

Which is the Winner Between .com vs .net?

The winner between .com vs .net depends solely on your needs and availability. There’s no SEO benefit to one over the other. However, for businesses, the .com provides many offline advertising benefits.

Which is the Winner Between .com vs .net

Which is the Winner Between .com vs .net

If the .com is available, it’s the winner every single time when it comes to .com vs .net. The price difference isn’t significant enough to even factor into the decision. However, if it’s not available, a strong domain name with the .net extension will work just fine.